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Cake availability

Please order early to secure your spot. I have a weekly order limit due to making fresh cakes and frostings. If you have a date but not cake details, no problem—I can reserve your spot and we can decide later. It's never too early to reach out about your cake!


Cake Size

Please click on our cake serving guide to see all cake sizes and cake cutting guide.


Please select your preferred cake flavor, or if you have a favorite, we'd be delighted to prepare it for you.



Feel free to explore our cake gallery for design inspiration, or let us create a unique design that will impress your guests. Alternatively, share your ideas with us, and we'll bring them to life!​



1.All payments for custom orders are nonrefundable. As a small bakery, we operate differently. Once you place your order, we immediately make various investments to ensure its completion. These include turning down other potential orders, scheduling bakers and decorators, spending significant time planning your design, and purchasing necessary tools and supplies. Your payment represents a commitment, and we'll honor our commitment to deliver your cake as promised.


2.To ensure we reserve your desired date, we kindly request full payment upon ordering your cake. This helps secure your spot on our schedule. Rest assured, by placing your order, you can trust that we'll be available to create your cake on the date you've chosen.


3.We accept payments through Wise, Revolut, Paypa (+5% Paypal fee), Bizum, or bank transfer.

PayPal Advance payment WISE, REVOLUT, BIZUM
Paypal, Advance Payment, WISE, REVOLUT, BIZUM
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