Fantasy Cakes
Fantasy Cakes

Our cakes are freshly baked to order, guaranteeing a moist and delicious experience. Each frosting is homemade, boasting a superior taste. We offer a wide range of cake flavors and frostings, but if you have a specific request not listed, feel free to ask!


Sponge flavours

Vanilla Vanilla -almond Chocolate
Marble Red Velvet Lemon
Orange Cheese cake Carrot
Coconut Lemon Lemon poppy seed
Walnut Russian honey cake Napoleon




You can select from buttercream, mascarpone whipped cream, curds, and jams, available in the following flavors:

Vanilla Raspberry Caramel
Nuttella Chocolate Chocolate buttons
Fresh fruits Oreo Mint
Peanut Mocca Almond
Coconut Rum White chocolate


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